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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Really Do Feel Like I'm Leaving

Hey everyone!!

This week has been pretty normal! For once!! Haha I mean, there's been
some hiccups along the way, but this week has been pretty smooth. I
got a little sick Sunday so we stayed home most of the day so we
didn't get any of the ward or other people sick. Secretly I almost
like getting sick because it means that I can finally rest and
sleep...but once those 4-5 hours more of sleep are up, it's actually
really boring. I mean there's not much we can do besides play
board/card games. I bought the game Munchkins if any of you remember
playing that with Aunt Jill and Uncle Randy. It's pretty
fun...especially with the elders that we have in our apartment/zone. I
think that's been one of the biggest bonuses for this area to me
(besides serving The Lord, of course). I just get along really really
well with everyone in my zone...and that's not exactly always been the
case. So it's cool!

We did a LOT of tracting this week. We even had an APF in our area.
The whole district came with us to Brookfield and we did a little
tracting. We actually were able to find about 5 potentials or so
between the APF and the tracting. That's a good sign! We're still
wanting to keep doing lots and lots of finding still to make our
teaching pool as big as possible. One man, Chris, is one that we have
a good feeling about. He's a man that we ran into while he was playing
with his two little kids in his yard (good sign). We gave him a
pamphlet and he said that we could stop by so hopefully he is willing
to let us in the next time we drop by!

I really do feel like I'm leaving. I mean, if I did stay...I would
probably only be disappointed for a little while. It's just been an
extremely long 6 months for me. Not in a bad way! Just a lot of random
weird things haha. But I do feel like I'm leaving. I wonder where I'll
go? I'll probably go to the city, but I mean at this point anything
could happen.

Sorry...there's not a whole lot that happened that was exciting this
week. Sorry it's taken me so long to email. We're all at the Keyes
family's home to hang out. They've got a pool table, ping pong table,
and air hockey! So much fun! I've never been super into ping pong but
I'm starting to really like it! I also really like skateboards and
longboards :) ever since the Arend boys got me to ride around on their
boards, I've kinda gotten hooked. Heck...I've become such a hipster on
my mission.. ;)

Well, I'm gonna have to sign off...it's getting time for us to go. Let
me know if you have any questions!! It's easier for me to answer them
all if you put them in a list form...just so I don't have to remember
all of the questions everyone asked...sorry I'm lazy :/

Have an awesome week! Love you! Sorry to everyone I wasn't able to
email. I'll do it next week! Good luck with school everyone!!

-Elder Stafford :)

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