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Monday, January 26, 2015


Storm Preparations for the New York New York North Mission


Dear Parents and Family Members of Missionaries in the New York New York North Mission,

It’s a singular blessing for Sister Morgan and me to serve with your missionary here in New York. Our missionaries are talented, obedient servants with incredible work ethic and courage. We count our blessings every day, enjoying the opportunity to be associated with each one!

As you may already be aware, a significant winter storm system is approaching the New England States. Areas in our mission are preparing to receive as much as 30 inches of snow accompanied by high winds and whiteout conditions. Forecasts indicate the Borrows of New York City will experience the highest accumulations but Westchester County and the Hudson River Valley may receive as much as 24 inches as well.

Mayor De Blasio has indicated commuter rail and subway lines may be limited or suspended this afternoon determined by weather conditions on an hour to hour basis. DOT alerts for the Tri-State area (New Jersey/New York/Connecticut) are asking drivers to only use roads and highways for emergencies after 7:00pm this evening. (Times may change determined by changing weather conditions)

We have prepared our missionaries for the storm in the following ways:

· All missionaries have acquired extra food and water.

· Flash lights have been tested or acquired and extra batteries acquired.

· An “All Accounted” protocol has been tested.

· All phones and iPads are to be kept at full charge in case of loss of power.

We have instructed the missionaries to be in their apartments by 7:00pm this evening unless conditions require earlier arrangements or instructed by me, through the assistants and zone leaders. An “all accounted” call protocol will be conducted at 8:00pm this evening. Tomorrow, all missionaries will be performing service by shoveling snow and helping homebound individuals near their own apartments. There will be no automobile travel until the roads are completely cleared and the DOT issues and “all clear” bulletin.

Depending on weather conditions into Wednesday, p-day emails may be delayed - however as of now, forecasts call for good conditions in the middle of the week.

I will be happy to respondent any questions or concerns you may have by responding to emails or calls if necessary. My email address is tmorgan@ldschurch.org and my personal phone number is                         801-244-3601.

Kindest Regards,


President Morgan

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