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Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm here!!

Mom and Dad,
Well, I'm here at the mission home!!  I met President Morgan and he is GREAT!  I don't know much about him but I am loving him already :)  I've been assigned to the Newburg Area in the Monticello Branch!  It's like the most northwest area in the mission and I am so stoked for it!!  It's kind of an experimental pilot district that I'm going to.  It's made up of me and my companion (the district leader), two spanish-speaking sisters, two spanish-speaking Elders, and a senior couple.  What they're doing, is every time a companionship gets a new investigator, we meet together (like 4 times a week!) and pass off the investigator to the companionship that would be able to teach them best.  Also, the thing I'm most excited about, is the fact that every time we meet, we learn SPANISH together!!         It's not so we can necessarily teach in Spanish, but so we can at least give an introduction as to who we are, give a brief summary of what we want to teach them, and then ask if they want to know more.  If so, we then pass them off to a Spanish-speaking companionship! 
     So yeah, I'm excited.  My first area and I'm gonna get a language down!  ha ha!  Next comes Chinatown where I'll learn Mandarin!  ha ha!  Just kidding! :)
     Well, I hope everyone is doing good!  I love you all!  Till next time!
                                                                 -Your little missionary
                                                                            Elder Stafford

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