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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hey Family!!!
So this is another one of those super short, unfair p-days where I don't have any time to myself...so I'm really sorry but this is going to be super short. Please don't be mad...
But anyway...GEORGEANNE did get baptized and it was so cool!! :) President Fuller did the baptizing even with a broken toe haha (he never had to get surgery) and it was AMAZING! It was really cool because her whole family got to come, including Brenda, so everyone got to be there! It was just a short, simple ceremony and then me and Elder Rydalch were invited to their home to hang out with them and eat dinner and cake and stuff! Wooo! Oh and we also played basketball in our slacks and white shirts and dress shoes with the two Cardona boys hahaha :)
But yeah...so the verdict is.....I will....NOT be leaving Monticello! :) which I think is good...I was going to be pretty sad that I'd miss all of the good things that are happening here. Elder Rydalch is still my companion. Elder Linton from my apartment is going to Yonkers and Sister Deihl, a sister in our district, is going to Central Manhattan. I'm kind of sad that she's leaving because she's only been here for a cycle and she was super funny and energetic haha. But it is what it is! We'll be getting Sister Lopez and Elder Sherman.
So that's about all folks but I just want to say how much I love you all and pray for you. I might be able to email later today but we'll see. Transfers are just grueling...
-Love your Elder
Elder Stafford :)

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