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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I guess that's what happens when you pray about things! ;)

Hey everyone! 
So this weeks been super good! Nothing super exciting but two days ago we had this AWESOME zone conference where President Morgan spoke to us about the whole idea about consecration. I've been feeling lately that I'm just a failure when it comes to missionary work. It's not that I'm not teaching anybody...it's just that I can easily tell that I don't have the same fire that I had when I first came out. I just feel sluggish and I felt like it was just gonna drag out like that for the next 16 months. But after the zone conference, it gave me a new spark of fire that got me going again. It just makes me excited to do missionary work again.
The other cool thing hat happened this week was that we had this thing called an APF which is where all the missionaries in the zone get together and all work in one companionships area for a couple of hours. Me and elder Wang were in charge of this weeks APF and what we decided to do was make a survey kind of thing that had a few questions about their relationship with god and stuff. We prayed about the questions that we were gonna ask them and then we wrote me all down and made a survey sheet. But what happened was we couldn't print out the papers because the printer wasn't working...so what we decided to do was just walk up to people and ask them the questions without a sheet to go off of. It was awesome!! We all split up and went to different areas of Harlem and asked people these questions. It was so cool! People were a lot less reserved when we were just like "yeah we're missionaries and we just have a couple of questions were asking people. Do you have a couple of minutes?" It was actually really weird how okay people were to talk to people. I guess that's what happens when you pray about things! ;)
But yeah...so that was pretty much everything exciting that happened. Sorry this isn't the most exciting or lengthy letter, but everything is just good! I couldn't really ask to change anything. I'm loving my mission, I'm loving elder Wang, and I'm loving the work!
Lina is doing well. We haven't had a chance to meet with her yet this week but Elder Wang and Elder Wilkins will be teacher her tonight! (We'll be on a split) 
I love you all so much and can't wait to see ya on Mother's Day!! Have an awesome week!
-Elder Stafford :)

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