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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love the area! Love the people! Love my companion!

Hello family!

Transfers were last week so that was probably the biggest change. They were supposed to be on Wednesday like usual, but because of the crazy snow we've been getting lately, President Morgan postponed it until Thursday. That has never happened before! It was  actually really nice to be able to actually have a sort of p-day on transfer week. I never feel like I get a break those weeks because it takes such a huge chunk out of the day to go to those meetings. We're finally back to a 6-week cycle after doing a 5 week and then a 7 week cycle! 
Elder Wang is so awesome! He's super foreign! It's really cool to be with a Chinese speaking missionary! Ne hao! Wao she chuan jian she. (Hello! I am a missionary.) haha :)
I love the kid....he's super funny and just a good guy. It's so funny though because he and his mom are like super into Essential Oils so he's ALWAYS doing something with them. He's always either putting them in his food or on his face or smelling them, or drinking them or putting them in this machine that puts them into the air or making pills out of them to cure sicknesses (I'm not kidding either) or something else!! Hahaha I swear I always smell like oregano or peppermint! It made me think of you, mom haha :) it just seems like something you would get really into :)

This week has been pretty...slow? But also busy? It's weird! We haven't taught many lessons but were always doing something! Yesterday we went out searching for Chinese people in Harlem and it actually went well! Know where we went to go find them?? Chinese restaurants!! Haha we actually found one lady that we had to pass off to the Chinatown elders but...it was still cool! It's so funny because I have to just stand there and smile while Elder Wang just goes to town with his Mandarin! It's great!

This week we were able to teach Lina a lesson over at some members' house! It was really good! We had another backup lesson on God and why we worship him. The members did a really great job helping us and fellowshipping them! Derek's being a stinker and not coming to church or any of the lessons but...I think Lina will be a good influence on him after he recognizes how much her life is changing!

This week we also got to paint Sister Dickeys walls in her apartment! Have I told you about Sister Dickey? She's so awesome! It was cool to help her make her apartment more homey and better looking.

I was also able to borrow a Quo'ran from a member in our ward. It's the holy book that the Muslims read and......after looking through it for about an hour.......I'm really glad I'm a Mormon. Man...like it was just really weird and strange and just....weird. 

That's about it as far as things that went on this week!! Nothing super new! Love the area, love the people, love my companion so it's all good! I hope everything is going well for you! I love you all! Keep me in your prayers.

Your Elder,
Cade :)

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