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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boy, am I glad I'm a member of the church...

Hello everyone!!

So this week has been super good! Not a whole lot has been different.
It's hard to come up with things to tell you because it's pretty much
the same every week so I feel like I'm just repeating what I've said.
We were able to have a pretty cool lesson with a Chinese girl that is
actually one of the Sisters investigators (why we aren't teaching her
is beyond me considering Elder Wang, my companion, speaks Chinese).
She's another one of those people that doesn't have that solid
Christian background, so it was a lot of fun to tell her about who God
is and everything.

A few days ago we were interviewed by a girl that is going to school
at Columbia University and is writing a paper on the age change for 

missionaries. She's focusing mostly on the female side of the event, but 
asked us a few questions about how it was for our side. It was...weird haha.
I wasn't used to having a full-on microphone shoved in my face while someone
unexpectedly throws random questions at me. After that, we went to go
look up a referral that we got from church headquarters. It ended up
being a black Muslim man that just wanted a Spanish and English Bible.
We ended up talking to him for about an hour about how he got involved
with the Muslims. Boy, am I glad I'm a member of the church...idk if I
could live in that culture.

Then, we went to dinner with one of my dad's associate guys that was
interested in what we do. He took us to this SUPER expensive restaurant
called Tao. It's like this New York, Asian, night club, restaurant
thing. It was super dark and the music was playing pretty loud but it
was a lot of fun! I'm pretty sure that between the four of us (myself,
my companion, That guy, and his brother) we easily ate about $300
worth of food! We talked for about two hours just about what we do as
missionaries and what our day consists of. They weren't super
interested in the message we have to share, but they very kindly declined
meeting with us specifically about our message.

Other than that, we didn't do anything super exciting, just the normal
stuff. Sorry this is such a wimpy email but I gotta get going! I love
you all and hope you have a good week!

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