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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Surprise Email!!

note from Mom: 
A couple of days ago we received the sweetest email...

"Good morning Sister Stafford!! :)  My name is Karalenn Hippen.  Hopefully you don't feel stalked!!  We live in CT and have the blessing of having your son serve in our ward!  He is so fun and such a sweetheart!  We are so grateful to have him serving in our area.  Don't worry.  We will take great care of him and keep him busy and fed! :)"

"Here are pictures from a week or two ago from when we played baseball out front before dinner."

"And here my daughter Makenzie was teaching your son how to play the ukulele :)"

"This is how thoughtful your son is...our youngest loves to collect sparkly things she finds on the road or in the woods.  She calls them her "fairy jewels".  Your son knew this and found this very sparkly button/broach and brought it over for her last week.  That was incredibly sweet!  She has carried it around all week :)"

Note from Mom:
I sent this text back to Sister Hippen:

"Hi Sister Hippen!  Thank you so much for emailing those pictures of our son, Cade, to us.  I was so happy to find out who you are!  Cade had mentioned you and your family to us in his last letter and told us that you are "the most AWESOME family" and that you guys are SO much fun!  He sure loves you guys :)  He also told us the adorable story of your daughter Pip and her "fairy jewels".  She is darling!  I can't express to you enough how grateful we are that you have taken our son in your arms and have given him a safe place of refuge and fun.  Cade does love to have fun!!  And yes, like you said, he is a very thoughtful and kind person.  We love and miss him so much but knowing that he has kind people like you and your family that love him and take care of him makes it easier to have him so far away from home.  Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you and your sweet family for all you do for the missionaries in your ward.  Take care and tell Elder Stafford HELLO!! for us next time you see him!  Have a great day!"

Sister Hippens' reply:

I will tell him hello!  His is coming to dinner tomorrow night.  I'm bummed because it will be his last dinner with us since Elder Sprunt is returning back.  I've let him and his companion know that they are welcome to come any Wednesday night we are feeding the Elders if they are free.  We'll miss seeing him each week.  It's only been a few weeks that we've had him but we all love him and he has stolen our hearts!"


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