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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm a "DAD"!!! Elder Prestwich is awesome!

Hey everyone!! 

So today is transfers!! As ya'll know I'm getting a new missionary and I'm so excited!! This week has been absolutely insane trying to get everything (mostly the apartment) ready for him. We've completely finished painting our apartment and then for the last three days we've been in the process of getting new carpet. It looks so good!! It seriously looks like we live Ina completely different, brand new apartment. We threw SO much stuff left behind by past missionaries away. We never really realized how much junk we had in our apartment until we cleaned it all out! So what we had to do was take ALL of our stuff out of the apartment, put it in a UHaul, let the carpet guys put new carpet in, and then move all of our stuff back into our living room so we could take the truck back. We were up until 2:30 last night trying to put most of our furniture back where it's supposed to go. It was horrible...I'm absolutely exhausted..

But anyways...that's our week. I'm so sorry that I don't have any time to email more...but President Morgan took forever to give us a training at transfers. Elder Prestwich is awesome!! I really really like him so far. He's from Pinetop, Arizona. I'm sure I'll have tons to say about him next week but for now we gotta go home!! :) I love you all so much!!

-Elder Stafford

Me and my "son" (trainee), Elder Prestwich!!  He's a boss!!

Me and Bea...the daughter of a member in the Danbury ward

She's so cute!

Me with Elder Richards

Me and Elder Pickard
These are a couple of my zone leaders in Harlem that are both going home

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