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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heavenly Father... send us a miracle in our area

Hello family!! 

So this week has been really good. We've continued trying to be better by being more motivated and more organized. It's been really nice to have those lists of less actives and potentials to draw from. We've organized them by town and we've been able to just spend a whole day in one area instead of driving back and forth for hours.

This week something pretty cool happened. So Saturday night I pleaded with Heavenly Father to send us a miracle in our area. We've been trying to work hard and improve our area, and I've really needed to see some proof that our work is paying off. So the next day, we went to church and guess who we saw walk in....Darwin!! When we had talked to him on Monday, he had said that the only reason he came to church was that his dad wanted to come but didn't want to come alone, so he made him come. But this time he came all by himself!! And guess what...he brought his girlfriend! It was so neat!!

It was a little frustrating, though, because as soon as he walked in with his girlfriend, the sisters like attacked her almost haha. They were excited too, but I think they totally freaked her out because they were just hoarding her with questions. We set up a time to meet with him on Monday. That night the sisters then called her again to try and see her...and she got really nervous I think. Darwin called them right after hanging up with her and said that she got nervous and didn't really know what to say. He said that she was Catholic and was just there to support him. It was frustrating because the sisters did that. I know they were just trying to help, but it ended up being bad :/ it's okay though! Darwin came so that was so cool! It was what I needed.

Darwin juked us on Monday, but that's okay. Well just try and go over there again.

Well, other than that, I didn't have an incredibly different week. Just same 'ole same 'ole :) not that that's bad!! Everything is going really well. Me and Elder Prestwich are still doing well together :) he's great!!

I hope you all have an awesome week!!

-Elder Stafford

A picture of me on a rock...I felt like taking it, don't ask me why haha!

Driving selfie :) ...he doesn't like pictures even more than me haha!

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