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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An Undeniable Answer

Hey hey everyone!!!

Sorry for the late email! We were out all day without hardly any wifi, so I didn't get a chance to send this off til just now. For p-day today we had to meet a companionship of elders down in Scarsdale, where the mission home is. Next week is transfers and when all of the returning missionaries go home, so this week is when the mission president takes all of the returning missionaries to the temple. So we met this companionship in Scarsdale so that one could go to the temple and another could stay with us. We hung out in this HUGE mall in White Plains, which was pretty cool. After p-day was over we had an appointment with a couple cadets.

Sorry if this is kind of a lame email. This week was actually super uninteresting. Nothing super special really happened for once!!

We did have a cool miracle though! So on Sunday we just felt like we should call as many people as we could and invite them to church. We ended up getting 6 people lined up to come to church with us!!! We were like freaking out haha. It was kind of disappointing because only our two investigators Cali and Toese came. Haha and I don't mean to say ONLY Cali and Toese in like a bad way haha. BUT, one of the guys, Wheeler, said that he might not be able to make it to church, but he wants us to come to his home and teach he and his wife about the gospel! We're teaching them on Friday!! We're so stoked.

So as for Cali and Toese. We taught Cali on Sunday after church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She loved it and it was a super great lesson. Afterwards, though, we wanted to talk to her about her baptism and the logistics for it and everything, and she kind of dropped the bomb on us and told us that she doesn't really want to set a specific date quite yet. It was pretty disappointing for me because we can totally tell that she really is ready, she just doesn't think so because she feels like she needs to know and understand everything before she makes that kind of commitment. Which is good, but you also have to realize that there also needs to be some faith involved. All it takes to be baptized is a broken heart and a contrite spirit!! :)

As for Toese, though...He's doing so awesome. So awesome. We taught him on Sunday as well. He is sooooo prepared and so ready. He basically told us that he's received an undeniable answer to whether this is what he needs to do. He's so cool. 

Well, that's about all for this week. Sorry again. I hope you all have a great week, though. Keep me in your prayers!! I'm praying for you all as well! :) love ya!

-Elder Stafford

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