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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sick Week...

Hey everyone!! So I'm sorry to say that the escalation of crazy things
happening to me finally came to an end this week haha. This week was
devastatingly boring.

On Thursday after weekly planning we went and played two games of
basketball. We lost both times so it was pretty disappointing haha.
After the game we went home and we made some food. I made some
couscous stuff out of a box. After we ate I went to bed and as I was
laying there my stomach just started feeling horrible. I ended up
throwing up like 7 times that night and into the morning...it was
pretty horrible. Sorry if that was TMI ;)

So we ended up staying home for the next few day which was terrible!!
There is so little to do in your free time as a missionary and there
is only so much scripture reading you can do haha. But anyways so what
was really terrible about it was that we just so happened to be sick
during the weekend, which is when we teach all of our lessons!!!
Ahhhhh!!! We had to cancel like two really important lessons and a
dinner appointment :( it stunk. Everyone we teach is either going to
school or working like crazy during the week, so the weekend is he
only time we can teach them!

We did have a good day on Sunday, though. We were able to teach Toese
right after church, and then we taught Cali after that. Cali has been
feeling a little nervous about setting a specific baptismal date, so
we were able to talk with her about that. She's just really scared
that it will be a super big lifestyle change and she's worried about
making commitments that she might break. She also had another concern
that was kind of funny. She told us that she's never really even
thought about having kids, but she's worried because she thinks we all
have a bunch of kids haha. We challenged her to pray everyday for an
answer to what she should do. It was crazy because she said that she
already got an answer from Heavenly Father that she needs to get
baptized but that she's just scared to do follow through with that
answer! Ah are are kidding me!! Haha girls.... ;) JK!

Oh so one super exciting thing that's happening this week is that we
are going to be having a meeting tomorrow in the city with two general
authorities about iPads and online proselyting! I'm super stoked! Our
mission is still kinda struggling trying to figure out how to best use
this resource that we've been given, so two guys from the Seventy that
are like in charge of all missionary work in the church are coming to
give us some direction. Can't wait to tell you how it goes!!

Well, sorry that I don't really have anything else to talk about.
Today was fun! We played a bunch of games with the zone. Well, I love
you all so so so much! Have an awesome week and be safe! Enjoy all the
warm weather! Dang I've been hearing about this crazy good weather
you've all been getting! Meanwhile we're over here still dealing with
snow and 8 degree weather....lucky ducks..

With love,
Elder Stafford

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