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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Backpack Challenge, Demon Dog, and Pancakes

Alright so unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to write this :/ but I hope I'm able to go over everything that happened this week!!

So this week was a little different, in that we tried to start seeing more of the cadets in our branch. Really they are the key to missionary work, here, so we want to broaden our friendships with all of the cadets, so that they will want to feel more open to introducing their friends to us. It was really cool! We're having them do something called the "backpack" challenge. So cadets take their backpacks everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. So the challenge is that they have to put a Book of Mormon in their backpack and they CANNOT take it out until they give it away. We make them promise to do it, and so far everyone we've challenged has accepted!

So we went to look for this less active woman living in Highland Falls, and we didn't really know where exactly she lived, just kind of a general location, so we decided to just go tracking in that area until we found her. Well, the first door we went to didn't go so well. So we walk up this steep flight of stairs to this little apartment. It's pretty scary looking on the outside. There's cans of beer everywhere and there's trash on the porch and it doesn't look like it's been painted in 50 years and it just looks like a dark, unhappy place to live. So we knock on the door and wait there for a minute. It's pitch dark inside the building and we don't hear anyone, so we turn to walk away. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something in the window on the door, and so I turn back and standing right there in the window, just looking at us...is the scariest, ugliest, most terrifying dog I've ever seen in my life. It was this ugly grey pit bull and it had yellow eyes and it just looked like a flipping demon!!!! It scared the HECK out of me!! I don't think I've ever been so startled in my life. It was just so scary because it didn't make asound. Usually dogs bark or something, but this one was just not there one second, and the next it was standing on two legs just staring at us. I legitimately thought it was a demon or a monster or something. So scary.

So we got two new investigators this week! A 15 year old girl in the branch has a friend that was over at their home for dinner when we were there, and I guess after our dinner, she had told her friend that she'd want to learn more from us...so we went and had a lesson with her on Thursday! It was pretty good. It's super hard to teach the Restoration to shy, quiet people, because they never have any questions or comments or even concerns that can lead to spiritual discussions. It's almost just like we're giving a wrote presentation...so frustrating. But it was good!! 
On Sunday a girl that is friends with Toese and a bunch of other cadets that go to the prep school came to church! She really enjoyed it, so she decided to join us for our lesson with Toese. It was an interesting lesson for her to come to because it was Toese's very last lesson before being baptized after spring break!!! We taught him about the temple, eternal marriage, missionary work, callings, priesthood organization and auxiliaries, and went over the baptismal interview question...so quite the list!! She actually really liked it, though, and so we set up an appointment to start from the beginning with her tomorrow!! So wish us luck!! :)

Ummm...nothing else super exciting really happened this week. I ate 11 pancakes at Denny's onMonday!! Me and Elder Neuerburg got into a contest with the all-you-can-eat pancakes we ordered...and we both tied at 11. We really had to go and we were both pretty full, so we decided to stop. (Our prides just wouldn't let the other person beat us so we both would have just eaten until we puked... ;) haha)

Well, that's about it!! Sorry this is so late, I wasn't able to get wifi until after our dinner appointment!! I love you all so much! Have a terrific week :)

-Elder Cade Stafford

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