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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break is Here...Where Did Everyone Go?!

Well, it's come!

Spring Break is here!! Which means......no one is
here for us to teach!! Haha this has been the most boring week ever!!
Every single one of our investigators and about 3/4 of the branch are
all gone this whole week until Sunday!! The only one that isn't gone
is that lady, Suzie, that we see every once in awhile. It's super
frustrating, though, because guess what? She's sick! So we can't even
see her! Goodness...oh well! We're looking forward to getting all the
administrative stuff out of the way that we've been putting off, and
also finally having time to go tracting or something. Now that it's
getting a little warmer, we were thinking about doing "service
tracting" where we just wear normal clothes and our name tag and go
around asking people if we can help them do anything around their yard
or anything. Now that it's spring cleaning time, we're hoping people
will be down for that and not just weirded out by two guys knocking on
their door asking to do yard work for free! Haha

We were able to see Cali before she left for spring break! Guess where
she's going? Utah!! Haha isn't that funny? She's going with Ashley,
her best friend, to go see Temple Square and all that. Isn't that
sweet? We taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. Got
through both of them okay without any concerns or problems...phew!
She's so solid and ready for the gospel!

I got to go on a split in Monticello finally!! Back to my home! I went
with the district leader down there, Elder Nagel, and had an awesome
day! I got to see some of my favorite people! We taught this less
active guy who's trying to come back to church, but just has some
questions that have been bothering him. We were able to help him out
though, so hopefully he'll decide to start coming again. Then we went
and taught Brother Vacarro, (remember him?) the super old Italian guy,
a quick little lesson and also taught him some English. Then we went
and gave this really cool blessing to one of their investigators who's
mom had passed away the day before. She didn't even know me but she
asked if I would give the blessing so I did, and it was really neat.
She absolutely loved it. It was so funny because as we were leaving we
asked if we could say a prayer, and so we asked who she'd like to say
it, and she points at me and is like, "I want HIM to do it! He's good
at it!" Hahaha it was so funny :)

But yeah, other than that, not a whole lots been goin' on here. I'm
still loving being with Elder Neuerburg!! He's a super cool guy and we
get along great. 2 months and we haven't gotten into any sort of
argument or anything. We just have a mature relationship where we can
talk freely and openly with each other about what we're thinking and
we both try and listen and understand. It's great! It's soooooo nice
to finally have a companion like that again. I was gettin' worried
because for a while there I was on a stretch of companions that just
did not click with me haha. It's good to have a real friend again!

Well, I'd better get going but I hope you all know just how much I love
you!! I keep you in my prayers. Have a great week!

-Elder Stafford

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