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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The mission is good!! Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter!!!! It was such a special experience to be able to be out on my mission during Easter! It's unfortunate, but Easter is one of the few weeks where most people feel an obligation to at least go to church. It was cool to be able to see some people that we haven't seen at church in awhile come!

On Thursday we just kind of ran around doing what we always do. There is a lady that we see every Thursday who's eyesight is absolutely terrible, so we go over there and read the scriptures and listen to talks with her.

On Friday we had an APF (area proselyting focus) where we got a big sign that said "what does Easter mean to you?" on it and we stood in downtown Danbury and held that up and tried to talk to people. It was mostly meant to help the elders and sisters in Danbury out, so it was good to find a couple potentials for them to teach! We had a lot of fun and lots of people were able to see it, so I would consider it a success!!

On Sunday it was Easter!! It was great! We had an awesome service at church with lots of singing and talks on the Resurrection. It was beautiful! Then we went to celebrate it with this super nice family! They had three adorable little girls that made me miss little kids and babies so much! There was this adorable 1 year old that absolutely won my heart haha :) We got to watch them hunt for some eggs and then we had a nice dinner with them! It was a good Easter. Oh my word and thank you so much for my Easter package!! It was perfect! Once again, you're trying to kill me with all of the junk food but I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

On Monday we had an AWESOME meeting with President Morgan. The whole upstate part of the mission was there and we actually talked all about...guess what...FAITH! It was amazing! The exact thing that I'd been wanting to find more about, we talked about!! It was great! It got me so pumped!! :)

So yeah...other than that, it's been a pretty normal week! I mean it's still the normal ups and downs of missionary life, but things are great! I can't believe that transfers are already next week!! We'll be getting trainer calls tonight if any of us are training, and then we'll get transfer calls on Saturday! This cycle flew by so fast!

Me and Elder Nielson are both doing good. I'm happy, he's happy. The mission is good!! Have an awesome week!! I love you all!

-Elder a Stafford

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