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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I need to humble myself and know that God will help us

Hey everyone!!

So as you may or may not know, transfers were this week! I got the call on Saturday and I will be staying with Elder Nielson in Newtown for another transfer! Woo! A companion for more than one cycle! Haha I was starting to think that something must be wrong with me because President didn't want me with a companion for too long ;)

I can't say that I'm like SUPER stoked to stay the same. Not that I don't like Elder Nielson by any means...it's just nice to have a change after a long 6 weeks. The district isn't even really changing much. The only change is that Elder Sprunt (the companion of the elder that went home) will be getting Elder Fuller. Elder Fuller was my zone leader in Monticello for two cycles so I know him pretty well! It will be fun to live with him. 

Things are still chuggin' along. I mean it's been probably the worst week ever as far as missionary work, but it's alright. Because that elder went home, we had to be together with Elder Sprunt for the week. That meant that we had to cover two whole areas WHILE having to deal with the whole situation with that elder. It took a good chunk out of our week and it was so stressful to be flying back and forth trying to be two places at once. It was terrible. That's over, though, so I'm stoked to be able to get back to normal work.

I've been struggling with faith a lot lately. As you know, I've been studying it a lot recently. In fact, I finished the Book of Mormon again a few days ago, so I decided to do what Elder Bednar does and study the whole Book of Mormon with one topic or question in mind. So guess what I decided to read about....faith!  I guess I'm just really hard on myself sometimes and I try and think too logically about things. That's a problem with missionary work, especially in finding, which we're doing now, because it takes SO much faith to find people. You have to believe and I mean believe that people will come to you for you to teach. Missionary work in the states, especially in New York and Connecticut, can be really hard. People just have a hard time believing in God...and if they do, they are very set in their ways.

I'm excited to hopefully learn how to humble myself more and know that God will help us find people. I hate feeling like a stinker sometimes, but it's just one more thing I need to work on!

I had a really cool experience that I don't really feel like sharing over email, but I will definitely share it on Mother's Day!!!! I can't believe I get to talk to you again!!! I'm so excited!! 

Well...we don't have a lot of time this p-day because of transfers. I love you all so much though! Have an awesome week! 

Elder Stafford :)

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