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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We have a baptism this Saturday!!!!

Hey Family!!

Sorry that I'm not able to write you back and forth today. We're meeting together with another zone to have a zone-on-zone soccer match! It's gonna be super fun because it looks like it's about to rain pretty hard! I'm excited :)

Well, this week was obviously crazy considering all of the change that's been going on!! Yes, I am the district leader and it's actually been kinda fun! It's not AS stressful and fun as I thought it was going to be...because all it really is, is a few extra things that I have to do. Some of my jobs are: I have to call all the companionships in my district every night (so two sets of sisters) to make sure they made it home safe and to see how their day went, keep everyone accountable for the goals that they set for the week and sometimes the day, give an hour long training at district meeting from an agenda that is provided for me, take down everyone's numbers (the number of baptisms, member present lessons, referrals, less active lessons, other lessons, new investigators, etc.) on Sunday night and then report them to the zone leaders, have interviews with each of the companionships a couple times a month to make sure they're doing okay, and a few other minor things. It's been good! It's really made me grow closer to my district now that I feel some sort of responsibility for them. It was really stressful to give a training on Monday because I'd never really conducted a discussion among missionaries before, but everyone said that it was really good and that I did a great job...so I guess it wasn't so bad. I got to go to a mission leadership counsel with President Morgan and the rest of the district and zone leaders, so that was awesome!! I learned so much about leadership. These counsels are where all the nitty-gritty "behind the scenes" business for the mission happens, so it was cool to be in there with all of the other leaders and help President Morgan resolve some issues and discuss some topics about the mission that not everyone gets to hear about.

I am actually super excited for my trainee. I am a lot more excited than nervous...which was WAY different from what I was feeling a week ago...so that's good! I'm actually very very excited to be a missionary's very first companion. MTC companions (especially for English missionaries who are only in the MTC for a couple weeks) are a little bit different just because you don't really experience a lot of the things that you do in the field, and you're only together for a very very short time. I just hope that I'm able to develop a good balance between having fun, and getting to work and be serious. I feel like I struggle with that sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I'm either way too laid back (which is actually most of the time...or I'm a little too serious and intense. I just want him to feel like he can trust me and we can be really really good friends...but also know that I want him to have a hard working first experience in the mission. It's just something that I've noticed from my time here, that you develop a lot of the same habits as your trainer. Missionaries who have lazy, disobedient trainers usually find it easier to become lazy and disobedient later in the mission.

Other than that, its just been a super busy week. Me and Elder Fuller have tried to work super hard covering two areas. It's been pretty easy to fill up our schedule with things to do. One super exciting thing, is that we have a baptism this Saturday!! There is a man named Dan in the Danbury ward that has been coming to church for almost 15 years, but never got baptized! He just never felt like it was something that he should do, but recently the Elders in Danbury (and now me) have been working with him consistently and he wants to get baptized!! He's had a really hard time giving up cigarettes in the past, but since me and Elder Fuller have been meeting with him, he hasn't smoked at all!! The last cigarette he had was the day that me and Elder Fuller went over there and set some goals with him to not smoke. He really really wants to be baptized and he's showing it!! He had his baptismal interview by one of the zone leaders on Sunday and he "passed"!!! We're so excited for him!!

Me and Elder fuller work SUPER well together. I really love the guy. He's really awesome and is a lot like me. He's super relaxed but realizes that we need to get to work. We push to keep each other busy and that's been really good for me. He's probably one of my favorite companions so far. I'm going to be sad to not be companions in a couple weeks! Elder Edmunds was probably my favorite companion, just because I felt like I could trust him so much. He was super funny and relaxed, so we got along really well. We almost got along too well, though, because sometimes we'd just find ourselves not being as productive as we should have because we were almost just "hanging out". We did do a lot of work, though, and we were usually pretty good about getting to work as soon as we caught ourselves. Elder Fuller is a good balance between getting along and being relaxed, but also hard working and productive! I don't think I could really choose a favorite companion, just because everyone is so different. It is pretty easy to say who was my "less-favorite" companions...but I won't say that ;)

Anyways...this week was really good! Now we're going to go play some futbol so I'll see everyone later! I love you so much!! :)

-Elder Cade :)

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