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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Learning that Heavenly Father is in control

Hello from Connecticut!!

So this week has been loads better. A lot of the stress is becoming easier to handle, and I've been more relaxed than I have been. There are just some things that only Heavenly Father has control over. I wish with all of my heart that I could take away people's agency for just a few small moments sometimes...but then I realize that that is the whole reason we are here haha. We went tracting for a while yesterday. It was in more of a rich area, so yes..."castle tracting". Haha we probably knocked on 15 houses in that street and almost no one even gave us the time of day. The people that did, weren't interested. It was just one more of those situations that would have made me super stressed...but it didn't! I'm getting better! haha :)

So this week was super good! Sunday was my favorite because I got to talk to the family!

Thursday wasn't super exciting because it was weekly planning day. That always eats up a majority of our day. Haha I heard something that made me laugh the other day. I heard that the reason they put weekly planning on Thursday is because everyone still has a "p-day hangover" from Wednesday haha.

Friday we went tracting! This one was actually a success! We did an Area Proselyting Focus in our area, so the whole district went and tracted in our area. As always, the sisters found a couple people, and then the other elders found one or two people. We didn't find any..... :( but that's okay! We haven't had any lessons with the people that were found yet, but we're going to keep trying! Maybe we'll be able to actually find an investigator! Haha

Saturday we had a good lesson over at the Prince family's home! They are this young couple with three kids that invited a couple that they are friends with to eat dinner with us. It was a very, very casual setting...so we weren't supposed to like proselyte or anything. It was mostly meant to just get them introduced to the church and the missionaries. We had a good long talk with them and told them a little about what our services are like. Hopefully we'll see them at church sometime!

Sunday was Mother's Day!! We went over to the Taylor's home for a little get together before church. After Church, we went over to the Nelson's for dinner and then came to the church to Skype! 

Monday was spent trying to figure out our dumb car..... I guess the mission got a letter from Chevy saying that there was a recall for all Cruzes made in 2013, so we have to take our car in! We will be going in next Thursday to see if our front axle has a malfunction haha. We're hoping that there is, and that in the time until they fix our car, they will let us pick any car on the lot. We have plans to choose the new Camaro ;)

Yesterday wasn't super exciting. 

So yeah...this week has been a lot of fun!! I truly am happy to be here. But anyways...I've gotta go but I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you so much!!!
-Elder Stafford :)

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