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Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm going to the big city...South Manhattan!!!! I'm stoked!!

Heyyyyyyy ya'll!!!

Sorry that I didn't get this off to you on Wednesday...it's been a
crazy couple days so we haven't really had a chance to get wifi until
today. Sorry!! :(

So this week we finally found out where I'm going!!!! HAHAHAHA
craziest transfer ever!! So before I tell you where IM going, I gotta
tell you about what's happening with Elder Prestwich!! MY BOY IS
TRAINING!!!! Haha President must have thought I did something right
because he's only just got done being trained!!! Not only is he
training...but he also got made district leader!! Hahaha he's doing
what I did 2 cycles ago except he's only been out 3 months!! I'm so
excited for him!!

So to put all of your curiosity at ease, I'm going to be going
to.....SOUTH MANHATTAN!!!! The big city!! I'm going to be in the area
I've wanted my whole mission!! I'll be in the Upper East side, which
is like THE rich area of the city!! I'm going to be with Elder Moss.
He's only been out for two cycles and he's been in the city so I have
no idea who he is. I'm gonna be his mom!! Haha that means I'm his
second companion. I'm so excited!! Hopefully I'll be able to stay in
the city for longer than 3 months!! Agh I'm stoked!

I think one of the things I'm most excited about is being able to try
and talk to more people. My confidence level is a lot higher than it
was when I was in the city last. I was really nervous because I'd only
been out 6 months and it was only my second area...so hopefully I'll
be able to open my mouth more. I've heard a lot of good things about
Elder Moss, too, so I hope we'll get along well!!

Ummm...let's see, I don't have a whole lot of time to write because
I'm going to be traveling almost all day. I'm in a van headed to the
top of Manhattan right now. We're jamming out to Mindy Gledhill if any
of you know who she is ;)

Pretty much all week I've just been trying to see as many people as we
can to say goodbye to them. I took a ton of pictures so I'll send a
lot of those to you! As far as those potential investigators we
got...nothing has happened with them quite yet. Remember that guy that
stopped us on the bike? Well it kinda seems like he ditched us. It was
extremely disappointing. Newtown was really hard for that reason
exactly. It seemed like every lead we had was just a dead end. He
juked our lesson with him and hasn't responded to us yet :/ oh well!
People have their agency! As long as we do our best, the rest is
between The Lord and that person.

Well, I think pictures will fill in the stuff that I left out. I love
you so much everyone! I can't wait to email you more next week! Have
an awesome week! Stay strong!

Elder Stafford :)

 Me and Elder Black who is leaving to Brazil

 Henry Choi

Me and Brother Caserta 

Me and Johnny Choi

I don't even know...This was a picture that an Elder in our zone drew

...So I thought I would take some ridiculous pictures with it hahaha!

 Me and Pip Hippen went on a date Tuesday night...it was so fun ;)

 ...she is seriously the most adorable little girl I've met on my mission!!

I love her so much!  I HAVE to come back and visit her! haha!

 Me and the two districts in Danbury/Newtown

Me and my whole zone (minus Elder Black who left for Brazil)

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