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Monday, September 8, 2014

We finally have an investigator!!!!

Alright everyone so this week was AWESOME!! So, transfers were not this week, for those of you that didn't know *cough mom cough*...they are next week! So I still have no idea what's happening :/tonight is trainer calls, though, so if Elder Prestwich is training then I'll find out! Haha
So a few cool things happened this week. First, and the absolute BEST one of them all is that we finally have an investigator!!!! So Saturday, while we were walking around (actually just about 4-5 minutes after we had left our apartment, we were flagged down by this guy on a bike that came out of a Municipal Center in bethel. He was like "hey, hey! Can I get one of your books??" We were like "uhhhhhh....ABSOLUTELY!!!" So we gave him one and talked to him for a little bit. His name is Alec and he's going to college at Western Connecticut University in Danbury (right next to Bethel and Newtown). He seems super nice and really ready for the Gospel!! When we asked him why he wanted a Book of Mormon, he was like, "I don't know, I mean I took a Theology class in college so I know a lot (not all) but a little of what you guys believe. Haha don't worry I know almost all of the things that people say about you aren't true. (THANK GOODNESS FOR INTELLIGENT PEOPLE!!) I've just been feeling really unspiritual lately and I could use a little more God in my life. In fact I was thinking about that while I was sitting down a couple minutes ago. Then I suddenly see you guys walking down the street, so I figure it must be some sort if sign haha." We just sat there with our mouths open and didn't know what to say! It seemed like one of those fake role plays that we practice in the MTC! It seemed like it wasn't even real! It was so perfect! Haha so yeah!! We set up a lesson with him foryesterday, but he ended up having a meeting with someone at school, but we have an appointment with him tomorrow! Please pray for us!! Gosh darn it...I swear, as soon as I'm looking about ready to leave, all the investigators start coming ;) ugh...oh well...it's just how it works out some time :)

Right before we ran into Alec, we found a pair of keys on the sidewalk next to our apartment. Luckily there was a dog tag on it with a phone number. We called her but no answer, but then about an hour later we got a call from her! We set up to meet her at a Burger King in a half an hour. The whole time we were walking there, we were totally talking up how she was going to take us finding her keys as a sign and how she's going to want to learn more about us and about Christ and how this has been like the most perfect day ever so far and on and on and on.....haha. So what ended up happening was we got to Burger King, she said thank you and that she wouldn't know what she would have done without us, then just said goodbye and left! Haha it was kind of funny how complacent she was to see us...but I guess she has her agency ;) darn!

So we had zone conference last Friday!! It was AMAZING!! It was a very uplifting experience for me...always is! We did a lot of role playing with the How to Begin Teaching points found in Preach My Gospel. The big focus was "getting back to the basics". We spent a lot of time talking about the simple things. I came to remember him much I love Preach My Gospel!! It's great!!

Well...ummm....i gotta get going, but that was actually my week! Nothing else that was super exciting. I'm still loving my area, loving my companion, and love the work. It's always a struggle, and probably always will be, to be the missionary I'm supposed to be. But I don't think that being a perfect missionary can or should happen over night. There is always something to be better at...some of us like me just have more to be better at ;) haha well...I better get going! I love you all so much and pray for you regularly!! :) have an awesome week!!

-Elder Stafford :)

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