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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Miss That Fat Cat!!

Hey mom!! 

So I'm on my way to go get groceries, and then after that,

we're going to the church to write emails, but before I write my email
to the family, I just had a couple things I wanted to mention :)
So first of all, thank you again so much my two packages you've sent
me recently! They were so nice and such a surprise!! But just a
request for any packages you may send in the near future.  Please
please no more junk food haha :) it was so nice to get all the sweets
for Halloween and just to snack on. I've got a little stash now that
will last me quite a while haha. Im actually really watching what I
eat recently. I've noticed such a difference in my attitude, health,
face, everything when I eat super healthy.
But as far as like birthday and Christmas packages go, you really
don't need to send me anything much. Like really. It is fun to get
things on birthdays and Christ,as, so I'm not saying you don't have to
send anything...just not a whole lot and nothing super spendy. I'm
sure that I'm going to have a lot of things things that I'll need help
getting when I get home, like clothes and getting a laptop and such
for school, so if it's allowed, I'd like to save up gifts for when I
get home haha :). I did have a couple things that would be nice to
have, but really just a nice letter and maybe some baked mommy snacks
(I won't turn down your cookies or anything...that I can't resist ;)
haha) are all I'll need until I get home.

So something I was also wondering was if I could get a picture of
Checkers in my next email??!! :) I miss that fat cat! Haha

But yeah, that's all I really needed to mention. I love you so much.
Thank you again for always being so thorough with your emails to me.
It's so nice to hear all that you have to say and know what's going on
with everyone. Have an awesome weeks! See ya! :)

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