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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunday was...MY BIRTHDAY!!

Hey hey hey!!

So yes I did indeed break out the winter clothes for good this week.
It got pretty stinkin cold. No snow!! But it was cold. And windy.

So this week has been pretty eventful actually!! I'm just gonna break
down each day so that I make sure and get it all!

So Thursday was weekly planning day! I'm not gonna lie when I say that
weekly planning takes up the majority of Thursday's. It's pretty
fueling, but I like it! It's just really hard to fill our week out
with productive things for us to do that isn't just tracting and less
active lookups, which we could very well be doing all week long. We
also taught John! He's the guy that we've been teaching that is pretty
sure that he got baptized when he was 14, but we have no records of
him. We are just reteaching him and are probably going to do it again
so that we make sure he actually was baptized haha :) He finally
stopped being a bum and got back to us! We taught him about the Word
of Wisdom which is the church's law of health. It's the thing that
makes it so we can't drink coffee or tea haha. It was good, he's only
got one more lesson to go before he'll be ready to be baptized again.
He's pretty cool! Fun story with him, though, when I get to Sunday.

Friday was fun! We've been helping this lady in our Ward out that
lives in a project building. We've been deep cleaning her apartment
and painting a couple rooms for her. It looks 1000X better. Afterwards
we went to our Ward mission leaders apartment for dinner!! He's so
great! He's very involved with us and the work we do. We've been
putting together a Ward mission plan which is kind of like our wards
blueprint for the missionary work here.

Saturday we did an activity with all of the missionaries in the area!!
We went to Washington Square Park and had a white board and free hot
cocoa and a picture of a bald turkey. Yes, I'm not kidding. We went
around to everyone that we could see and had them write down something
that they were grateful for. It was actually pretty cool how receptive
the people were! Usually everyone sees us and just puts their head
down, but this time we talked to a lot of people! After the activity
we had a PIE NIGHT!!! Our Ward has it every year. Literally, everyone
just makes a pie, brings it, and we eat it. It's great. There's also a
pie contest that some people got pretty crazy about haha. People take
a lot of pride in their pie.

Sunday was MY BIRTHDAY,!! It was great! Not super exciting! Just went
to church, looked up some former investigators, then went to a members
home for dinner. The members we had dinner with are SO funny!!! I was
literally laughing the entire time. They are this couple that are just
best friends. They just seem like two buddies from high school. It was
cool. They set up a little party from a kit that my mom sent me
(THANKS MOM!!!) and we just partied hard. Not really, but it was still

Monday was district meeting! A district is a smaller group of
missionaries that are in he same area. I'm the district leader....so I
lead the district...go figure. Woo! It's actually a lot of fun. I'm in
communication with the missionaries in my district a lot, so I get
really close with everyone. After district meeting, we walked around
for days in the freezing cold rain trying to find some former
investigators again. Then we had dinner with Brother McQuade. He's a
SUPER cool member that just moved into the Ward. He and his wife are
pretty adorable.

Tuesday we walked around and looked more people up...on the coldest
day of the week. We are geniuses. Then we had dinner with the
Weitzmans. It was delicious! She pretty much made us a thanksgiving

And here I am today! Today we went around shopping for some essential
clothing items and such. I'm looking for a new pair of shoes, too. My
second pair of shoes are toast...I'll send ha pictures next week!!
Then we just went to the church and played basketball for a little
bit. Shopping took a lot longer than expected.

So yeah that was my week!

Well, I gotta get going! I hope you all have a fantastic week. Let me
know what's been going on with you! For everyone that I didn't have a
chance to email, I will get to you next week I promise!! Love you all!
I'm praying for you!

-your favorite New Yorker
Elder Stafford :)

 After our Thanksgiving APF

My Hood milk haha! 

I don't know... 

Every gangsta in Manhattan takes pictures like this...thug life.

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