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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

...To The BRONX!!!!


Alright so this week is transfers already!!! The 7 week cycle is over!
As a surprise to me and everyone else....I've been transferred already
:( at the most exciting time of the year!! What the hay!! I guess I'm
excited but also really sad. I love the area that I was in so
much.....so much. Like THAT was what I thought of when I got my
mission call to NYC. But it's all okay! I'm so excited to work
wherever the Lord sees fit to put me haha :)

So this email is actually going to be pretty short because we don't
have a whole lot of time to email, as are most transfer days, but also
because this week was pretty uneventful. The most exciting thing that
happened is that our Ward had a baptism!!! Wooooo! The sisters
investigator, Luz Santos, was baptized in Saturday. It was SUCH a cool
baptism...probably my favorite one on my mission. The Spirit was just
overwhelming as soon as that woman came out of the water. Me and Elder
Stevenson were witnesses, so it was really cool to be so
close...reminded me of the primary days when you press your face up
against the glass during baptisms to watch haha.

The rest of the week was really just walkin around trying to find all
of our invisible less active members haha. We were finally able to
meet with John for the last time, though! Well, I wasn't haha. We were
on a split and I was in the other Elders area. Im actually not the
biggest fan of splits. I mean they're fun sometimes, and it's always
fun to have a change of scenery, but I'd rather just stay in my own

So I guess people have been hearing about a lot of protests and riots
in my area of Manhattan, but I just want everyone to know that it's
really not a big deal and they've been very peaceful. There aren't any
worries, so none of us have been instructed to stay away from
anywhere. We'll be totally fine! Plus...we've got name tags and the
protection of the Lord! What else do you need? :)

So about the thing that happened with John last Sunday haha. Sorry I
totally left you hanging. So what happened was he went up to Sister
McClure, a sister in our Ward, and asked for her number hahaha. It was
so awkward. We were actually pretty worried because it was the first
time that he actually put forth the effort to wake up early and go to
our Ward, so we were scared that the only reason he did it was because
he wanted to see Sister McClure. But he came again this last week so
it was good! We aren't worried anymore.

Well....so I'm sure you are all dying to know WHERE I'm being
transferred..........IM GOING TO THE BRONX!!!! Haha the one place I
haven't really been yet! I've generally been everywhere that the
mission has to offer except the Bronx!! I live right next to Yankee
Stadium!! I'm pretty excited. My new companion is Elder Sorenson who
is...weird haha. But I'm sure it'll be fun. I'll let you know more
about it next week!!

Well, I gotta get going, but I hope you all know how much I love you
and that I pray for you daily. Have an awesome week everyone!! Peace

-Elder Stafford :)

 Me and Sister Hoyos

Times Square 

Book of Mormon The Musical...I was pretty upset we couldn't 
get a good quality picture because of the lighting :/

Christmas lights by our apartment 

My first pair of shoes from the beginning of my mission.  I've already gone through
another one and am on my third pair haha

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