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Monday, September 30, 2013

Erin!! It's your birthday!


     ERIN!!!  It's your birthday!  You're like what?  9 years old now?  Ha! Just kidding!! :)

     I hope you're having an awesome year of being a baby freshman!  High School is really a cool experience as long as you don't let the petty little drama get to you...and trust me...it will come.  Just keep being your adorable, weird little self and you'll be good.

     Everything is going great over here!  I haven't actually been to the Big Apple yet except when I first got to the mission and they drove us through "the hood" (the Bronx).  I think we were the only white people there!

     Well, sorry I didn't get this to you sooner but I just thought I'd write you a little note to tell you happy birthday.  I'm not sending a present or anything because I wanna wait til I go to the city and can get you all New York stuff!
     But yeah...keep it real, don't do drugs, stay in school.  Peace.

--Your favorite ginger (besides Ally),

   Elder Stafford 

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