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Friday, September 13, 2013

Some answers to your questions

Elder Rydalch is from Oakley, Utah and has been out for just over 7 months now! Pretty young still!
Oh and by the way...in the mission we refer to everything as like "being born". Idk it's kind of hard to explain but like I was "born" in Monticello. My "dad" is Elder Witbeck. My "mom" is Elder Rydalch. And I'm almost 2 cycles old. haha It's funny but yeah... :)
Didn't I send you my address? :/ darn it! Sorry! It's 661 W. Broadway #7, Monticello, NY 12701
YES I GOT MY GOODIES!!!! We ate them in like three days ;) they were SO good!!!!! Thank you so much! I don't know what I'd do without you guys!! (P.S. the Andies ones were my favorite...oh my word.) they were in great condition! Not stale at all and the Crystal Light containers were genius!
We email in the clerk's office at the church.
I'm probably okay emailing...I spend most of my time emailing you guys just because I write Akayla hand-written letters. So I usually end of spending probably 3/4 of the time trying to write you (even if I only end up getting like 10 minutes to write emails) and then just write Akayla a short email and then maybe emails from other people.
Oh by the way, is Mammaw and Papa okay if I send them the email I send all of you? I LOVE getting lots of emails but it gets REALLY hard to write back like 10 people and still have time to actually write lengthy emails...I feel so bad that I'm not able to respond to everyone so I try and just write you guys long ones and then have Mammaw and Papa over to read them with you...is that okay? Please let them know that I'm not just ignoring them :/
So things over here are pretty slow!! This week has been very...uneventful haha. We've really been slowing down with the lessons where it's almost frustrating because we have no one to teach!!!! Ugh!!! but things are still good. I did get kind of sick one day...my body just felt exhausted and I was kind of dizzy so we just stayed home that day...we felt bad but I REALLY needed to just take a nap and relax for a day. Other than that things have been going pretty regular...Elder Rydalch and Elder Linton (another elder in my apartment) taught the C****** the Law of Chastity while on a split and they said that it went EXTREMELY well!!! Apparently they've already been living it! :)
But yeah...I'm sorry this letter's kind of boring today...this week was just really slow and there isn't much to write about. Keep asking questions though! Sorry I don't have pictures this week...I don't even think I took any haha
I love you all so much though!
-Elder Stafford (your favorite ginger missionary)

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