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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanks so much Dad

Letter from Dad:
Hi Cade,

A big warm hello and hug from Idaho (This is Dad by the way). We're now into fall over here and have had some cool lightning storms and rain come through lately. You've already made it through your first season!  Isn't it amazing how slow, yet how fast time goes by? I really hope you are enjoying your mission to the fullest extent possible up to this point.  Don't waste one moment, since you will never get it back.
By now, you realize what a challenge it is to find good investigators to teach. Do not allow Satan, the "Spoiler", to get inside your head or your companionship to discourage you in any way. Those feelings will not come from the Lord and must not be allowed to take root in your thoughts. You are privileged to take part in Heavenly Father's work and glory and it is your challenge to identify who the Lord has prepared for you to find. You must be in tune with the Spirit to be guided on where to go, what He would have you say and do at any given point in time that will open the door to someone's heart.  Oftentimes, the Lord has designed the finding and teaching process to require every ounce of your abilities. He is converting not just your investigators, but also you, your companions and the members of your branch.  He requires ALL of your heart might mind and strength.  Analyze and refine your approaches, get inside the mindset of each person you come into contact with. Discover as quickly as you can which key will unlock their hearts. "Use the Force" as Yoda would tell Luke and it can be so much fun.
I hope you don't mind me trying to help out.
As I was saying last week, John at work introduced me to a book that his stake is reading and discussing/implementing called The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton M. Christensen. Our ward council is now reading it and will discuss how to use its tips and techniques in each of our organizations. It's designed to help each member become a better missionary and more naturally share the gospel. In all my mission experiences and training it isn't very often that you hear something new.  This book has been  full of great insight. I wish you could read it, because it's just the kind of training that members need to find people for you to teach.
My heart goes out to you Cade. May you have the gift of forgetting about yourself and your own needs, so that you might experience a fullness of joy.

-Love Dad

Cade's response:
Thank you so much dad. Don't ever feel bad about giving me tips because...as I'm finding out VERY quickly...I don't know anything hahaha :)
That is so great that the ward council is reading that book. Dad, if there is anything I can tell you in the ward...it's that the work is changing. I cannot express to you how important the ward is with missionary work. If the work is to continue...the members HAVE to be involved...not only in sharing the gospel with their friends, but with working with the missionaries on splits, and giving the missionaries REFERRALS!! I cannot tell you how important referrals are. I like wanna wet my pants when I get a referral from a member because they are just so much more effective. Keep up the good work and keep being awesome!! :)
Love you!

Your (favorite) son (haha just kidding),
Elder Stafford

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