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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To answer a few more of your questions...

                 1.  How is the C******* family doing?
The C******* family is the bomb. They are like the perfect investigators still. So D***** (the boyfriend-who is flipping awesome) and B***** (the mom of the kids) live together sometimes and D***** will "sleep over" some nights so we were like "oh great, the law of chastity is gonna be an issue..." So Elder Rydalch and Elder Linton went and taught them the Law of Chastity (I was on a split with Elder Jensen...gosh dang it I wanted to be there to teach it!) and they said that it went SUPER well!!! Apparently they already live it and their "sleep overs" are actually just D***** sleeping in a separate room than B***** and spending the night when he is over late and it's too late for him to drive home (because he has his own house and they live out in the middle of nowhere haha)!! So that was a relief!!! So we just explained to them that they're either going to have to get married or D***** not going to be able to do that anymore even if he is in a separate room. They immediately brought up that they were thinking about marriage anyway so it was perfect! The only hang up is that they think it'll take til like next spring til they get married!! Ahhhh! I can't wait that long! And neither should they!!!
Anyway...so also after the lesson on Chastity they gave them all Word of Wisdom pamphlets and after we went over that next week, D***** was like "yup...I've been coffee-free for 6 days!!" hahaha it was so funny but soooooo cool! Gosh...I pray that all of our 'gators will be like D*****... :)
                2.  Are you like the only “white guys” in the hood?  What are people’s reaction to you on the streets?

Umm...Kind of? Not really? There are TONS of black people...but there's also lots of white people so we're not super stand-out-ish...it's mostly just our nice clothes that make us stand out...and that we're so young.

                3.  How do you approach Jewish people?

We don't really...I mean we try but as soon as they see "Jesus Christ" on our chest they shut down and don't really wanna talk to us.

                4.  How’s life with Elder Rydalch?  What’s he like?

He's super cool!! He loves sports and he's really funny so we get along great!

                5.  What’s your apartment like?  How many of you are living there?  Any surprise visits?

Our apartment is really nice and really big compared to some of the other ones. We try to keep it really clean (to be honest it's me that usually starts freaking out about how messy it gets and I force Rydalch and them to help me clean it...thank a lot mom. You've cursed me. (actually probably blessed me :) )) We're supposed to have apartment inspections every 6 weeks but we actually haven't had one yet...

                6.  How often do you get to see President and Sister Morgan?

Never. Haha we're in "banishment" so we're like 5 hours away from the rest of the city. haha

                7. What’s the weather like now?

It's starting to get super cold! (Well at least to me!!)

But hey...I love you all and am always praying for you. Keep strong and keep being awesome!

Elder Stafford :)

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