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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (oh...and pictures of my little accident)

Hellllllo family!! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This has been a super awesome
week! Me and Elder Edmunds are finally starting to feel like we're
getting adjusted. Going into a brand new area not knowing anything in
the middle of the holidays is pretty insane! It's been soooo fun
though! I think it's a blast to kind of "start from scratch" if you
will! There's a lot more relying on the Lord I think. Prayer is
literally that Balm in Gillead that will help you whenever you need
it. Prayer is so neat. I can literally pray to Heavenly Father
whenever I want to and ask him if he is there watching over me and I
know that he will give me an answer. Sometimes it's just a small
little "yep I'm here" kind of feeling and sometimes it's a much
stronger, resounding answer that you just can't deny. Gosh I just love
being on a mission!
Anyway, though...so this week was fun! We started the week off with
something...well...a little interesting! I got my first stitches!
Woooo! Hahaha :) so before you freak out it's not a huge deal but I
did get injured a little bit. So Thursday morning while I was taking a
shower...a mirror fell on me! So I guess this apartment has been in
the mission for about a year now which is pretty new still...but
somewhere along the line some missionaries thought it would be a great
idea to put this huge mirror up against the wall across from the
shower head so that they could shave or whatever. When we got here we
thought it was pretty weird but eventually we just shrugged it off and
forgot about it. Well...funny thing is that when they put it in the
shower...they thought it'd be fine to just lean it up against the wall
on this shelf thing and call it good. We thought that it was glued or
attached somehow to the wall when we got here, so we didn't even
bother trying to get rid of it. So...months went by and everything was
all fine and dandy until that mirror decides that it's going to fall
over the day after Christmas on the first redhead that gets in the
shower...so that's what it did!
I was just in the shower facing the shower head and all of a sudden It
falls over, whacks me in the head, shatters, and then slices my finger
open when I instinctively reach back to catch whatever hit me in the
head. Then in hits the floor and explodes and cuts me in the leg
pretty badly, and then makes a ton of little nicks and scratches all
over my feet and ankles.
Elder Edmunds and Elder Cruz look at each other and think "oh
boy...what now...?" and come running over and start knocking on the
door to see what happened! Meanwhile I've got blood gushing out of my
finger in two places, my leg is bleeding, and I'm walking through a
bunch of broken glass frantically trying to get a towel around me so
they don't see me naked......priorities right? Haha
They open the door and get me out and bandage me up so I can put some
clothes on and go to the clinic to get some stitches for my finger and
possibly my leg. We just go and everything turned out fine...just got
six stitches in one cut on my finger and three in another and then
they just glued the cut on my leg closed because it wasn't super deep.
It was great!! Merry Christmas Cade!! :) I am so glad and thankful
that it wasn't anything serious, though. You look at the pieces of
glass that broke and you think about how it all happened, and I could
be in a LOT worse shape right now. I'm lucky (aka very very blessed)
that I came away with only those few cuts. Heavenly Father really is
watching out for me! We were laughing because it was probably Him
giving me a little reminder that He's in charge, because that morning
I'd woken up a little later than 6:30...I'll be following as many
rules as I can now, though! ;)
Ha oh...and one more thing...and you guys will think this is hilarious
kind of...but guess what happened when they were giving me the shot in
my finger to numb me up...go on I know you all know what happened....I
passed out! HAHA! This time, though, I totally forgot to tell the
doctor that that happens to me whenever I get shots...so when it
happened he and the nurse kind of freaked out because apparently they
looked away after giving me the shot, looked back, and when they looked at
me again I was slumped over the chair and Elder Edmunds kind of
freaked out because he thought I was dead for a little bit! So the
doctor goes over and lifts my head up and tries to bring me back by
just going "Hey are you awake? You okay? Come back to me." And he said
I opened my eyes like I was back...but my eyes were completely blank
of any expression and I just looked dead...then I closed them again and
kind of flipped out and started shaking a little bit like I was going into a
seizure! Then I just relaxed and when he gave me a little tap and a shake
to wake me up, I just opened my eyes and you could tell that I was
Uh.....so that's never happened before. That was a little freaky but
now I know that it will probably happen every time a needle is put in
my body. The doctor said that lots of people do it and it's because
when my body feels a pinch like that on the inside of my body, the
circulatory system slows down for a little bit to protect itself or
something and in the meantime I lose blood going to my head so I pass
I think he was kind of mad that I didn't tell them that it might
happen but I didn't know! It's only happened twice before that and I
thought I might have grown out of it because the last time I got shots
it didn't happen so I thought I was fine!
But anyway...so that was Thursday!! Haha
The rest of the week was pretty normal...we didn't really teach anyone
besides a few active members when they fed us until yesterday when we
got to have a lesson with a couple less actives which were really
good. We're getting there, though! It's cool to be white washing
because you can see the progress and we're starting to see a lot of
it! We're slowly building up our pool of people to teach so were super
excited :)
Well...I hope everyone had a safe, fun New Years Eve and NO I did not
go to Times Square to watch the ball drop. Although it would have been
a lot of fun, it just would have been breaking so many rules, it was
soooooo cold, and it probably wouldn't have been a smart idea for a
sexy devil like me to be around a bunch of girls wanting to kiss a guy
on New Years sooo......hahaha just kidding! ;) but seriously...not a
good place for missionaries!
K well...I hope everyone has an awesome day and an awesome week! I
love you all and pray about you all the time! Keep being so awesome
and supportive...it really means a lot. You don't know how blessed I
feel to be in such an amazing family as this. Being on a mission has
increased my testimony so much...especially about basic things like
the Book of Mormon being absolutely 100% true and the knowledge of
eternal families. I know that we're going to be able to be with each
other forever. Sorry that you all had to be stuck with me but I'm sure
you'll learn to deal with it ;)
Better get going, though! Have a good one! Be safe. Don't do drugs.
Stay in school. Peace, my homies.
<3 Elder Cade

Don't freak out! I know the bathroom looks like a murder scene but it
really wasn't that bad :)

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