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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

General Conference...Wasn't It Just So Good?! and Cali Is Ready!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It's always a special time to remember the fact that Christ lives! I know for me, I sometimes forget to think about what that really means. I find myself thinking a lot about the fact that He died for me, when really we should be celebrating that He lives! It means so much to me to know that Christ opened that gate for all of us. It also really humbles me to think that out of all the people that will ever live on the earth, Christ is the only one that will completely "deserve" the wonderful gift of Resurrection. However, He's made it possible for even a sinner like me to have that gift, too. Isn't that incredible? Because of Him, the sting of sin and death doesn't have to last forever. What a relief!

My Easter was really good. I wouldn't want to spend it any other way than by listening to General Conference! Wasn't it just so good?! I loved how much they talked about the Family and how important it is. It really is amazing to think that those men don't receive any sort of assignment of what to speak on. It's all revelation!

We weren't able to be there with them, but we had three people watch at least a little conference! Toese watched it at a members house with a bunch of the other prepsters (prep school students) including Mara! I hope I've told you about her a little bit. And then Cali, who is getting baptized THIS SUNDAYalso watched a little bit of it on the Internet while she was at home for the weekend. Isn't that awesome? They all really liked it!

This week was interesting for me just because I've had to take over the area. Haven't had to do that in over 6 months!! When I went to the Bronx, I was only there for a cycle so I never had to get a new companion. It's been interesting being with Elder Nielson again, as well. I had kind of a hard time with him the first time that I was with him about a year ago. He's definitely changed a little bit, but it's been a little rough adjusting to him again. Me and Neuerburg were such great friends that it was just really weird to go back to someone that I don't exactly click with. I've had my fair share of hard companions, though, and I'd take Nielson over all of those, so I guess I can live with it ;) he's a good guy...we're just very different people.

Volleyball started up finally!! I don't know if I told you that or not? So we are officially on a team with a bunch of Polynesians haha!! They're great! It's like this one family with a mom, a dad, and like three of their kids that make up the majority of the team. The daughter is about my age and is a cadet here at West Point and the dad is an employee here doing something. But besides this white girl who is friend with the daughter, we're the only white people on the team! It's a lot of fun. They're all not very tall, so they really like to hit it to me because I can jump pretty high and can spike the ball haha. They're a way cool family, too! We're really hoping that they open up to the Gospel. The know that we're "the Mormons" and they have a lot of family that is Mormon because they're from Tonga. It's always so neat how close Polynesian families are, so I make sure and talk about family a lot with them.

Anyways, so I'm super excited for Cali's baptism!! I've just been so blessed to come here when I did. I feel like I don't deserve them at all! There's just so much missionary work going on, it's awesome. Cali had her baptismal interview with our district leader Elder Henriques last night and I guess it went really really well. She's ready!!

Well, I gotta get going but I hope you all have a terrific week. Love you!! Stay classy :)

-Elder Stafford

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