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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Got To Give Toese The Priesthood. HO-LY COW. That Was Awesome!

Hey everyone!!

I am sooooooo sorry this is such a late, lame email. We got stuck
putting together an impromptu game day for the zone for pday, and then
had to rush back from Middletown to get ready for an early
appointment. Before I knew it, p-day was over and I realized that I
hadn't even gotten to finishing my email to you all!. I don't have a
ton of time, because I really shouldn't be sending any emails this
late haha but... :/ I just would feel awful if I didn't get an email
out to you!! So I don't have much time, but I did want to tell you
about two pretty big things that happened to me this week.

So the first is that on Sunday, I got to give Toese the priesthood.
HO-LY COW. That was so awesome. I was so terrified, though, because I
had no idea that I was going to be doing it. Literally 5 seconds
before it happened, he asked me haha. We were all just sitting in
priesthood class and they look at Toese and say, "alright Toese it's
that time, who was it that was going to give you the priesthood?" And
he just looks at me kind of shocked and whispers "Elder Stafford, will
you do it?". My eyes got huge and I got way scared haha. I hesitantly
flipped through the missionary handbook on how to give someone the
priesthood and ordain them a priest, and some of the other men were
helping me, too. I could really feel the Spirit telling me what to say
during that blessing. It was so so so cool. I will never forget that.

So the second big thing that happened is actually an announcement from
President Morgan! He recently received a revelation on what our
mission needs to do to take the next step in its progression. Well, he
did a lot of praying, and he has felt that each and every
companionship for the next while needs to go out and find people for
at least 3 hours a day. That's only including tracting and street
contacting. HOLY CRUD!!! That's a ton of tracting!! But while the APs
were calling us and telling us to tell our zone, I felt the Spirit
bear a strong witness that this came from Heavenly Father. This may
not be the most convenient or conventional way to go about finding
Gods children that are prepared...but for now, it's how the Lord is
doing things! I'm excited!!

Well, I'm sorry again that this is so late!, I feel horrible!! Have a
terrific week. Love you all :)

-Elder Stafford

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