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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It Means A Lot To Know Our Service Has An Influence On People Mara Wants To Be Baptized!!

Hey familia!!!

Sorry this letter is so late again. Wow I'm really getting bad at that haha. So today was AWESOME!! We spent the entire day in Manhattan with a lot of the other missionaries that I am going home with. We went to the Statue of Liberty, Wall St., and a couple of other places. It was way fun!! The Statue was really cool! I'll attach some pictures in the email :)

So this week was really cool! Thursday we had service at that Nature Museum and we helped them set up for an Earth Day celebration that they were putting on. So funny story, on Monday last week we got a media referral (a text from Salt Lake saying that someone requested either some church literature/materials or they wanted missionaries to come over to their home. So we got a referral for a guy wanting a Book of Mormon. We didn't realize it at first, but as we went to call it, we realized that it was George, who runs the volunteer program at the Nature Museum!! Haha it means a lot to know that our service actually has an influence on people! Anyways...on Friday we had a trio split with one of the APs who came to our area. We had a good day of tracting and teaching Mara and Eva!! Both of the lessons were really good. As far as the tracting for three hours a day goes, it's been going pretty well for us...not super well, but well. It's just hard to plan in that huge chunk of time when we have so many other things we have to do! But it will get better as we have more practice.

Saturday we had a future missionary zone conference with the youth in our stake!! It was super awesome and inspiring! I was asked to conduct by President Morgan and it was kind of nerve wracking at first, but I thought I did a pretty good job so I was proud of myself haha.

Sunday was a regional conference broadcast thing. Idk if you all had that or not but I guess it's something that they're going to be doing now? Pretty cool!!

Monday we had plans to go to this members house to help them out with moving, and then we were all going to go to her friends house because she wanted us to teach her the plan of salvation!! But it fell through and so we helped them move. Then we went tracting for a long time and then went to Volleyball!! It was super fun and even though we lost, we got to play basketball which made my day ;) so remember that Polynesian family we play volleyball with? So I got to have a super cool conversation with the father that night. We just talked a lot about what we do and about our church and he was telling me about some cousins or something that are serving missions right now. It was great!
Tuesday we had service at that food pantry we serve at, went tracting, went and saw Suzie and had a lesson with her, and then a lesson with Mara!! Guess what?! Mara wants to be baptized!! Oh my word we've been praying for her so hard and she agreed to a baptismal date! She wants to do it not this Saturday, but the Saturday after that!! We hope that will work out for everyone in the branch. It's the week right before graduation, and so it would have to be that weekend or we would have to wait a LONG time to baptize her. Anyways...super awesome!

Well, that was my week!! Sorry I'm rushing again. I love you all so much!! You're the best! :)

Elder Stafford

So...this is our mission president, President Morgan, in the middle
of a meeting. So at interviews, he always takes selfies with us haha.
So some sisters in the mission bought him a "selfie stick" which is
basically a stick that you attach your phone to and you can take
selfies from farther away with. I can't tell you how excited he was
hahahaha I laughed SO hard :)

On a boat with the New York skyline behind me. Dang I look like a
redhead in that picture!

 What the Statue of Liberty is REALLY holding!!

So these are most of the elders that I came out with that are going
home this cycle and next cycle. We decided to take a
super...awkward...jumping photo hahaha. You should have seen the crowd
of 30+ people gathered around to watch 15 or so Mormon missionaries
take a high school musical, holding hands picture. Seriously haha :)

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