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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cali Was Baptized!!! How Special To Be A Part Of Two Baptisms

Hello everyone!!

Everything is going good here at West Point! Cali was baptized this last Sunday and it was terrific!! It's been so special for me to be able to be a part of two baptisms now that I'm winding down on my mission. So it actually went really well. SO many people came which is always good. I hope you all are able to make it to any baptisms that you hear of because I know that it means a lot to the person getting baptized, the missionaries, and the bishopric when there are lots of people there to support them during this special time. Baptisms are so awesome! She was baptized by Brother Creason who is almost like her father figure here at West Point. Each of the cadets in the branch have this like "adopted family" in the branch that has them over for dinner a lot and makes sure that everything is going well and
everything. Well, the Creasons pretty much adopted Cali the second they found out about her. It's been so amazing for her to feel such support. The kids in the family just love her to death. So yeah, it was super sad that Elder Neuerburg wasn't able to come though. He spent such a long time in that area teaching her, but he left just a week too early. Darn it :/

That Sunday we had Mara come as well. We weren't able to meet with her since I wrote last week because her company got in trouble. All of the cadets are broken up into smaller and smaller groups, kind of like how the church is broken up into Areas, Stakes, Wards, etc. The cadets as a whole make up "the Corps", and then the corps is broken up into something smaller, and so on and so on. So her "company" I guess got into some trouble because a bunch of their apartments were messy or something and so they wouldn't let them leave the school for anything other than sports. So yeah, we're still waiting for that to be lifted haha.
We're hopefully meeting with the Ridgeways this Sunday. We honestly have no idea how they are doing. I'm getting a little worried that they aren't going to go anywhere, though. I mean they told us from the start that they weren't going to convert or anything, but I was really hoping that they'd change their minds because of how much they seemed to love our messages. People confuse me so much.... If something makes complete sense, you feel amazing as we talk about it (the Spirit), and you agree with every word we say...wouldn't that make you want to think about joining?! Anyways...

Well, I really don't know what else to write about haha. Sorry, this week was pretty uninteresting except for Sunday. We also had a little accident with one of the elders in our zone while we were playing sports. We think he might have torn has LCL or one of those knee ligaments. Hopefully not, though, because that can be a really really bad injury. :/ I love you all! Have a great day! :)

-Elder Stafford

P.S. I will get pictures to you as soon as I get home from the church. I forgot my iPad at home and that's where all of my pictures are.


Her mom, her, and her grandma (with one of the Creason girls trying to tackle her)

  Me and Cali (with Josh Mooney photobombing us as well as Jared's arm)

Cali and her other cadet friends

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