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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The verdict is...I'm...not being transferred!!

Hello loving family!!!!! :)

So guess what...I am being transferred to........MONTICELLO, NY!!!! Hahaha I'm staying here another cycle with Elder Rydalch and at first I was actually really disappointed but now that things are moving along again and everyone is over the "transfer laziness" (everyone just kinda gets a little sluggish a little before transfers because it's so nerve-wracking to find out if you're leaving or not! After a few days I'm actually looking forward to another cycle here! I mean, yeah, I'm kind of disappointed that I'm not spending Christmas in the city! But we will definitely go to the city on a p-day or something to see the tree though!!!
But yeah...so this week has been really crazy and just kinda "blah" with transfers and everything but it definitely is starting to pick up again!! I just have to tell you one funny story before I leave though!  Sorry I hardly have any time to write this morning because we have to go down for transfers. So we went to this lady's house at around 7:30 in the morning and it was still dark outside.  We walked up to her door and clicked the little doorbell thing but didn't hear anything.  They were obviously pretty wealthy because the house was HUGE   but we weren't sure if the doorbell had worked or not. So we just kind of stood there for a little bit waiting just in case, when we heard someone coming up to the door so we thought that it did , indeed, work. So we're just standing there waiting and she opens the first door and she's got these three dogs on leashes and she's about ready to walk them. It turns out that she didn't hear the doorbell and she was just going out to walk her dogs! So through the glass door she see's two pretty big guys dressed in black, big coats just standing there looking at her in the dark of the night and she's not expecting it AT ALLLLL!! She lets out this loud yelp and she just goes pale and covers her mouth and her eyes are like golf balls!! She was sooooo terrified because she thought we were going to kill her or something! We (mostly me) felt soooooo bad!! We just apologized for like 5 minutes hahaha...so afterwards I went and bought her a little cake and wrote her a little note apologizing again and dropped it off the next day. Haha it was really funny!.
Anyway...I'm so sorry but I have to go now.  We've gotta drive to transfers but I love you all so much! have a good week!

-Elder Stafford :)

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