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Friday, November 1, 2013

A super COOL experience

Hello everyone!!!!
Everything is going great over here in the Empire State!! It's starting to get a little colder so all the leaves are now red and yellow and orange! It's so beautiful to look at while you drive! Things have been pretty slow this week mostly because I was sick for a few days so I just kinda slept.  
 There have been some really awesome opportunities to find people to teach this week though! We've been kind of worried because we've had to let some investigators go. They just haven't been doing anything as far as what we have asked them to do as far as commitments go and just aren't progressing...so instead of going over there all the time, we'll just stop by every once and awhile but not nearly as much as we used to.  Yesterday, though, we had a SUPER cool experience! We were just walking down Broadway (main street) because we thought it'd be good to just let people see us and maybe we'd street contact someone, and some guy ran across the street, dodged like two cars, and came up to us as fast as he could! I'm not going to lie it kind of freaked me out...but he was actually really nice and only a little bit different!!! Haha!
but yeah...he was like, "Yeah so I'm really interested in getting a hold of a Book of Mormon, and I really want you guys to come and teach me." And we were just like "uhhhhhh...I mean...Yeah...absolutely!!" Haha! we were so shocked! And so he gave us his number, name, address, and everything and we didn't even have to do anything!!
That was literally a blessing right out of the sky hahaha :)
The C******'s are just kind of stagnant right now just because Danial is going through some divorce issues with his wife that he's just kind of separated with. It's a really long story and his wife wants lots of money and he can't afford it but still really strong, though! Just kinda idle. We're working on it though :)
Other than that...it's been really quiet here in the 'Cello. (people in the mission also have two other names for it depending on how you view this area...it's either Monticelestial or Montihellhole hahahaha) I'm not going to lie though...I WANT CITY!! Now that I've been there, it just seems so cool to be able to serve down there!!
Well...I hope this email finds everyone well :) I love you all!
-Elder Stafford

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