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Thursday, November 14, 2013

We're going hi-tech!!

Hello again my wonderful family!!

Wow...reading over my last letter I wrote to you this morning, I just realized how little sense some of my sentences made! Haha! Sorry...I was really trying to hurry because I had to go to our transfer meeting. We got permission to email a little bit after p-day was over so I just wrote a few people that I didn't get a chance to this morning and I just wanted to write you guys another little note! Today was super exciting and we found out a little while ago that we'll be getting our iPads this Friday!! Yes, IPADS!!!!! So every missionary gets an iPad that they'll use for doing Facebook, email, updating area books, maps, lists of potential investigators, member sheets, scriptures, EVERYTHING! So now we won't really have to carry around anything! It's going to be soooo nice! No, we don't get to keep them after the mission! Haha!! Oh and then each companionship will get an iPhone that we'll use as our planner, phone, GPS, and other stuff like that. It's going to be sick! The Church is really breaking the bank on us! We're so spoiled ;)...ahem...blessed, I mean :)
Anyways...so today was really good. President Morgan gave a really good talk on being happy. He said that if we don't look around and see paradise...we need to repent and start changing the way that we look at this work because this should be the happiest time of your life so far! It would be ridiculous to not be happy when you're serving the Lord 24/7! haha :) it really kind of hit me hard and let me know that I need to stop being so selfish and just lose myself in the work! I've been SO focused on me, me, me lately that I've lost sight of what I'm out here doing! It got me pumped! Wooooo! Ahem...sorry...
But yeah...so I've been doing really well and this week has been great!  Nothing super new has happened...just trying to stay busy! I better get going, though. Gotta go buy food for this week! I love you all! :)

-Elder Stafford

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